4 tips to follow before joining lavender hair, the color of the moment

If you love hair color trends, a new trend arrives to make your head: lavender hair. Already used by celebrities like Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Kylie Jenner, the color is the tone for the next season, spring. Its nuances, cooler, darker, light or metallic, match all skin types. However, before joining any of them, check out the following four tips: they will help you a lot in deciding whether or not to embark on this wave!.

1. Do the wick test It is essential, as this is how you will know if your hair can handle discoloration, a process necessary to achieve any color tone. The whole process can be done on the same day. The discoloration has to happen uniformly, in a shade, at least, of very light blond, and without golden pigments. Only then is the pigmentation done until it reaches the chosen lavender shade.

2. Invest in frequent maintenance. It is very important when you use the best lavender hair dye, right after the procedure you have to seal the cuticle of the wire, so that it recovers the lost nutrients. And it's good to always remember: bleaching is a process that damages your hair too much ! So if you're not the type to enjoy frequent hydration or maintenance, at least twice a month, think carefully before going through this change. It is necessary to keep this in mind, since, in addition to the hair being well dried out, the color fades a lot and requires a constant toning, every 20 days , so that some parts do not turn white.

3. Avoid swimming and sea water Needless to say, the pool and sea water are also prohibited, right? The problem with the pool is not even chlorine, but copper sulfate. The substance penetrates the cuticle of colored hair and threads and, if they are very dry or porous, the tone will probably change. The same happens when you enter the sea, since the salt water accelerates the dehydration of the locks, leaving them opaque, dry and with an unpleasant texture.

4. Use sunscreen on the wires Another very important tip is to apply sunscreen every day and not expose yourself to too much sun, so as not to damage the wires. In general, these are the same recommendations for those who have bleached hair. Oh, and it is also essential to use a thermal protector before the dryer, flat iron or babyliss. As the wires will already be very fragile, it is recommended not to use these tools every day.

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